At Sugar and Spice Nanny Training, we believe that empowerment and open communication channels are key ingredients to any employer/nanny relationship. For this reason, we have aimed our nanny course at cultivating both the skills and increasing the knowledge base of nannies, as well as improving communication and openness between nannies and their employers.

Nanny Training Cape Town

On a daily basis, we rely heavily on our nannies to help make sure our homes and children’s lives run smoothly.

Therefore, the ideal relationship between nanny and employer would be one where both nanny and employer feel comfortable enough to voice any complaints, preferences or cultural differences. We are aware that there are often cultural differences, however, in a manner that shows respect to both parties, we feel after a discussion takes place, solutions can be found. We highlight that nannies and employers may have different ways of doing things but always make sure our students know that they should take the lead from the employer. It is so important to adopt their approach to doing things, as they are the parent. We encourage nannies to ask questions if they do not understand and encourage both parties to be frank and caring in their conversations.

This is often tricky at first. However, it does become easier when both the nanny and employer make open communication an everyday occurrence. Transparency is best. Being proudly South African, with years of experience in the nanny training industry, we understand that there may often be a language barrier between nanny and employer. This can make communication quite challenging, sometimes causing frustration for both parties. Our nanny training course recognises these issues and offers a great solution.

Nannies in Training

Our nanny course runs over 4 weeks, at 3 hours a session. Throughout our course, we help to guide nannies through the process of communicating with employers, helping them to understand how to approach and discuss a positive or negative situation correctly and openly.

During our 1st session, nannies are shown the importance of creating routines for children, how to properly manage their time, as well as which danger signs to look out for. Once again, nannies are guided through the 1st session with the key goal of open communication and empowerment through better understanding.

First Aid Training for Nannies

Entering the 2nd session, nannies are taught about the practical management steps of a number of medical emergencies.

First-aid skills are crucial for nannies to have when handling children. Additionally, nannies are shown how to properly assess and explain an emergency. This session is aimed at improving child safety and empowering nannies through skill development and understanding.

Child Nutrition and Hygiene

This session is aimed at sharing baby and child nutritional knowledge with nannies. Nannies are shown what creates a healthy diet and how to introduce solids while weaning babies off milk.

We also aim to encourage nannies to discuss menu planning and address both personal and baby hygiene best practices. Through open communications, nannies feel comfortable with discussing and sharing their understandings and possible cultural differences.

Stimulation through massage, play and fun

During this session, we discuss the importance of early childhood development and how nannies can assist with making sure your children receive the best possible childhood development. This is a great section for the nannies, as they can then also use the early childhood development skills learnt for their own children.

Sugar & Spice Nanny Training

When nannies and employers feel comfortable and at ease with each other their relationships flourish. Empowerment through skill creation and sharing of knowledge is highly important to the success of any working relationship.

Throughout our course we make sure that nannies understand the importance of open communication and that they receive empowering knowledge and credentials. On completion of the course your nanny will receive 2 certificates and manuals – The Sugar and Spice Nanny Training manual and certificate, and the First Aid manual and certificate, which is accredited with the resuscitation council of South Africa.

If you would like to book a spot in our course for nanny, please contact us.