The option of leaving your baby at home with your domestic worker as nanny is one that we are blessed with in South Africa.

However every mom wants to ensure the nanny is well trained to give you the peace of mind that your child is not only cared for on a basic level, but also stimulated and safe.

How long does the course take?

The NANNY TRAINING COURSE  runs for 4 weeks, – with ONE 3 hour session per week

The KIDS PLAY COURSE is one morning for 3 hours

The FAMILY COOKING COURSE is one morning for 2,5 to 3 hours

Can you complete the course in one week?

No – we have spread the course over a longer period to maximise retention (there is a lot to take in)

When is the best time to hIre my nanny?

As soon as possible as you have no guarantee that “Mary Poppins” will be the first one through the door. You may have to try a few people before you find the person that you like and trust and feel is up to the huge task of looking after your child in your absence.

Do I need to drop my nanny off each week?

We ask that you drop her on the first day so that we can meet you and to ensure that she is on time and settles in easily.

What should I look for in my nanny?

Hire someone who is honest and reliable and whom you connect with, and train them. We often look for the perfect nanny – someone who is totally reliable, extremely hard working, knows all there is to know about caring for your little one and is able to keep up with all the housework. All without complaining or getting tired –

This is hardly ever achievable – rather look for someone who is trustworthy, reliable and keen to learn – then teach them your way.

My nanny is illiterate - is this a problem?

Not at all, as the course is presented in simple English with most of the content being demonstrated in a practical manner, so that the nannies understand what is being said. It is key for an illiterate nanny to understand English. The nannies also communicate with each other in their own language ensuring that the content is understood. The manual then needs to be read and discussed together with the employer in order to apply the learnings in the place of work.

Where do we offer the courses?

We currently offer the nanny training course at three venues in Cape Town – Claremont, Gardens and Blouberstrand.

CLAREMONT: BOWWOOD BABY CLINIC: 34 Bowwood Rd, Claremont, Cape Town

GARDENS: UNION CONGREGATIONAL CHURCH: corner of Kloof Street and Eaton Road, Gardens, Cape Town

BLOUBERGSTRAND: A PRIVATE VENUE: Crassula Road, Bloubergstrand, Cape Town

SOMERSET WEST: MOTHERHOOD VILLAGE, Moms and Babes Room, 22 Dirkie Uys Street, Somerset West, Cape Town

(See the maps)

How many are in a group?

Our maximum is 12 and minimum is 6 for the nanny training course.

Cooking lessons are one on one.

What age should my child be to get the maximum benefit from the course?

We cover all your nanny needs to know when looking after your child from birth through toddler stage and upwards. We also provide a manual with detailed notes for them to refer back to as your child grows so that they do not have to remember everything they learn immediately.

Why choose a nanny to look after my child?

A child’s brain begins to form within days of conception and mostly within the first 7 years of their life. Experiences within these years are what shape and build their consciousness for years to come.

These early experiences are of vital importance as they affect a child’s relationships, demeanor, academics and ultimately whether they grow up to become a secure, happy and competent adult.

The effects last forever, so the childcare you decide on is of greatest importance for their future development.

Children who are provided with affectionate and stimulating care are given a great start.

By choosing home based care, your child remains in their familiar, comfortable and predictable environment in which to grow and develop at their own pace. They have less risk of being exposed to germs and infections as their home is a controlled environment. They have more individual attention.

Will my nanny receive a certificate?

Your nanny will receive 2 certificates for the NANNY TRAINING COURSE: A Sugar & Spice Nanny Training Certificate as well as a First Aid Certificate (as this is run by a registered trainer).

She will get 1 certificate for the KIDS PLAY WORKSHOP

My nanny does not speak English as a first language - is this a problem?

Not at all, the advantage of running training in a group is that there is always at least one strong person (and often a number), who is able to help those who battle with the language and concepts as we work through the material.

In addition, the content was developed by a teacher, is written in simple English and delivered very practically, with a second language speaker in mind.

We also ask that the employer assists at home should your nanny be struggling with English.

What is a nanny?

A nanny is primarily responsible for providing children with a safe environment in which to develop and also caring for their needs. In addition to child care, a nanny is sometimes responsible for doing most of the daily household duties for the family, such as cleaning, tidying and laundry.

We need to appreciate that caring for a young baby is very time consuming and as such, the household duties may have to take second place to looking after the baby and in many cases, there is a need to hire a char for heavy work such as ironing and window cleaning.

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