Workshop: Half Day (3 hours)

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Our Kids Play Workshop includes a host of inspiring ideas designed to keep little ones busy, happy and having fun during school holidays as well as during term time! We teach nannies what they can do and motivate them with various topics and play activities! They are encouraged to vary activities in order for your little one to get optimal benefits and stimulation.

We guide nannies to make the most of the home environment, using and re-purposing bits and pieces they find in and around their workplace. We share ideas and highlight that your nanny does not need to wait for shop-bought toys or craft items. Our aim is to empower nannies to use their inititative during play.

This workshop also aims to boost your nannies confidence and enhance the relationship she has with your child. It will make playtime come alive and elevate it to another level. We are sure your nanny will come away with lots to keep little ones on the go. We think moms may want to try some of these exciting crafts and activities with their little ones too!

It has been designed by moms with input from a remedial teacher and is aimed at nannies who look after children between the ages of one and five. We believe this workshop will give your nanny the edge.


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