Workshop: Half Day (3 hours)

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Our Eco Household Workshop will inspire and add to your nanny’s or domestic worker’s knowledge of environment-related topics within your home.

An overview of nature and the environment is covered detailing the importance of educating, creating awareness and conserving on several levels. We cover various ways of minimising waste, different waste initiatives, perishable waste projects and saving various natural and man-made resources. This is a key topic within our homes, one which should be taught to our children as well as being rolled out in various communities.

We believe this workshop will have a positive impact on your little ones as they will see their nanny take on these responsibilities and will learn more in the process (whilst, no doubt, wanting to help with these tasks). This workshop will also be greatly beneficial for au pairs as well as those attending to your garden, and we would urge you to get them to join us on one of our Eco Household workshops!

The information garnered from having attended this workshop will also take the load off you, as the employer, whilst empowering your nanny and/or other staff members within your home. This workshop has been formulated by moms with input from knowledgeable individuals within these relevant sectors.

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