Bringing up children as well as trying to manage a career is not easy. Life becomes fast paced, moments of relaxation become shorter and often healthy meals become somewhat unheard of, let alone a focus on child nutrition.

This is mainly because by the time you get home its half past late and Susan, your 4 year old, refuses to eat anything but chicken nuggets, chips and tomato sauce.

At this point you’re exhausted, your mind is still at work and you just can’t face having to beg, bribe and force feed your now temperamental child.

So naturally you reach for the (sugar packed) tomato sauce in the cupboard, then head over to the freezer grabbing the box of nuggets and the bag of “freshly” frozen oven chips.

The words “freshly” and “tomato” makes you feel slightly less guilty but also you’re too preoccupied and not willing to lose any more sleep over it.

Susan happily digs in, giving you enough time to make the three phone calls you forgot about, reply to that email, run Susan a bath and find that invoice you had in your hand just a second ago.

Sadly, nutrition and Susan’s healthy balanced diet is the last thing on your mind.

Don’t worry, you’re not alone. This happens more than often and that sacred hour you have to yourself every week is not the problem.

The truth is majority of the time children will always turn their noses up at healthy food or anything that looks remotely healthy.

And as parents wanting to love and be loved, we often give into their demands and end up purchasing their favourite treats, sweets and foods.

We frequently overlook the need for a healthy eating plan for both ourselves and our children and this impacts us more than we realise.

A poorly balanced diet impacts on our work performance, stress and energy levels, everyday moods and depression, and over time contributes to the risk of developing certain illnesses like diabetes and heart disease.

Having to enforce a healthy diet on your child from a young age may seem like an uphill battle but luckily there are options out there that make the whole ordeal far less challenging.

Sugar & Spice Nanny Training Cape Town

Firstly, and this is a must – Take back your control over your child’s diet.

Secondly, pick your battles. Make the important issues about food count and deal with these accordingly, and let the rest slide.

Thirdly, invest in the person who spends the most time with precious Susan, your nanny.

The role your nanny plays is just as important as yours. Your nanny holds a strong ever-present relationship with your child.

During the day she spends hours alone with your child, feeding, bathing and playing games. Often nannies spend more time with our children than we as parents do.

  • But is she aware of what a healthy diet for kids consists of?
  • Is she able to make healthy food choices from what is available in your home?
  • Does she give your child “brain food” so that your kids are mentally and physically at their peak?
  • And are you sure your nanny has the proper skills and experience to handle an emergency situation?

These are all questions you have to ask yourself.

Our Nanny Training Course

Sugar & Spice offer a nanny training course which addresses each of these questions.

In this course we provide the necessary information on why nutrition is so important for a child’s development.

We help nannies to identify foods that can be used in healthy recipes and daily menu planning.

We deal with the importance of personal and child hygiene, child and nanny environmental safety and how to balance housework duties.

Nannies enrolled in our childcare course receive first aid training equipping them with skills need to effectively manage an emergency situation such as choking or drowning.

Nannies are taught gross and fine motor stimulation games which aid in your child’s overall development.

This training course for nannies aims to help make your life easier, whilst giving you peace of mind and enriching your child’s everyday development.

We also focus on child nutrition in our family cooking course.

For more information please contact us.