empower nanny training

As an employer of a nanny, you have the opportunity to take charge of their situation and empower your nanny’s life. You are able to play a pivotal role as a mentor and guide them as to what they can do to upskill themselves and further their current situations.

In this article, we’ll be sharing a few great ideas you can offer to empower your nanny.

Nanny Training Course Cape Town

Our nanny training course will give your nanny the confidence, skills and qualifications she needs to establish herself as a professional child caregiver.

This will not only assist her in her current position with you, but will put her in a better position for future employment, when your family no longer need a nanny. It will also improve her salary possibilities when that time arrives.

Additionally, the first aid course (as part of the course) is a great way to ensure your nanny has the skills she needs to handle an emergency. This is crucial when caring for children.

Providing your nanny with these important lifesaving skills not only enables her to look after your family, but it also puts her in the position to provide emergency assistance to her own family and her community. Ensuring her first aid qualifications are up to date and renewed every two years is so important.

Kid’s Play courses for nannies

Our Kids Play Workshop includes a host of inspiring ideas designed to keep little ones busy, happy and having fun during school holidays as well as during term time! We teach nannies what they can do and motivate them with various topics and play activities! They are encouraged to vary activities in order for your little one to get optimal benefits and stimulation.

We guide nannies to make the most of the home environment, using and re-purposing bits and pieces they find in and around their workplace. We share ideas and highlight that your nanny does not need to wait for shop-bought toys or craft items. Our aim is to empower nannies to use their inititative during play.

Cooking classes for nannies

Our Family cooking classes are run from the comfort of your own home and help your nanny to understand the makings of a nutritious, home cooked meal.

Several lessons are currently on offer (all are fantastic family focused recipes):

  • Chicken Dishes
  • Chicken and pasta dishes
  • Fish Dishes
  • Beef Dishes
  • Light meals
  • Snacks
  • Desserts
  • Protein dishes
  • Carbohydrate and Vegetable dishes

Swimming lessons for nannies

If you have a swimming pool it is vital that your nanny knows how to swim, along with your children. Having a nanny who can swim also allows your children to safely have fun at the pool. See our affiliate links page.

Learning to swim is a great life skill to have and can save a life one day.

Giving your nanny’s child a school education

Empower her through education is one of the most effective ways to make a difference in someone’s life. By helping your nanny put her child or grandchild through school, helps to guarantee the future of both her child and her family.

Help your nanny to set up her pension

Often, nanny’s work their whole lives without saving for retirement. This becomes problematic, as the state pension is currently R1690.00 per month, and survival off that is virtually impossible.

Help your nanny to set up a pension fund. By contributing a small amount to your nanny’s pension fund, you will be giving back to a key caregiver, who has devoted so much of her time to your family.

Sugar & Spice Nanny Training Cape Town

Empower your nanny through skills development and training You can improve her employment potential, while improving her possible salary earnings and builds her self confidence.

For more information on the above courses, please contact us.

A few comments from some of our nanny training attendees:

My name is Talent Ndlovu, I wanted to thank Kim from Sugar and Spice Nanny Training. It is because of Kim’s hard work and the nanny training course that I am employed today. I did the nanny course and I was not working at the time, but the course really helped me to find work. I got a job soon after I finished the training course.
Some of the highlights of the course:

  • How to prepare food for kids,
  • Hygiene and health,
  • Keeping a weekly routine.

Not to forget the great cup of coffee and biscuits during break time. I also enjoyed Kim’s teaching, she is a very blessed person and teaches with great passion.

Sugar and Spice Nanny Training is the right place for all ladies who want their tomorrow to be as joyful as mine. Don’t look anywhere else, the Sugar and Spice team make you feel at home and you will enjoy the course with Kim.

Thank you, Kim, and keep up the good training!”

Anna Zvidzai

“Sugar and Spice Nanny Training is a place where I learnt that being a nanny is not only about keeping a child alive. The course opened my mind to a whole new way of looking after a child.

As a nanny, I have learnt that I need to develop not only their physical aspects of a child but also their learning skills, how to express and deal with their feelings, teaching them what is right and wrong, and to respect others and how to share.

Furthermore, I learnt about safety in and around the house, time management, nutrition (giving kids a balanced diet) and child CPR – in case of an emergency.

I can proudly say that after all I learnt at the Sugar and Spice Nanny Training Course, I am a better, more efficient nanny.

Thank you, Kim, and the Sugar and Spice team. You guys are the best!”