Susan sits intensely focussed on her daily cartoon show, Gabby is playing her favourite computer game, and Kyle is so engrossed in his Xbox combat game that he’s practically non-responsive – even to the calls of pizza.

What do all three scenarios have in common?

Each child is playing with technology; blocking the child off to nature and the outdoors, active play and to listening and engaging with others – a frightening situation becoming more and more typical in the lives of our children today.

Kids’ lives have become fast-paced, highly scheduled and abnormally adult-like. This leaves them very little time to be children.

Back in the day, previous generations spent hours in the garden exploring, smelling flowers, and touching plants (with the odd snail taste test here and there). At family gatherings, children would spend time running around outside and creating fantasy games that they could immerse themselves in with other children. Children would draw and entertain themselves quietly, without being glued to screens of sorts, as they are today.

Some favourite childhood memories may entail having fun in the sun and making mud pies. Can you recall your special memories playing and exploring?

Sensory Play and Early Childhood Development

Back then, even as blissfully unaware children, senses were being developed – such as touch, smell, taste, sight and hearing.

From the day we are born, our senses play a huge role in our overall development – building nerve connections, supporting language development, enhancing our ability to memorise, and developing general sensory attributes such as hot or cold.

With kids losing interest in being outside, and instead choosing to play with technology, we’re left wondering how complete our children’s development can be.

Sugar & Spice Nanny Training Cape Town

Kid’s Play Workshop Cape Town

At Sugar & Spice Nanny Training, we’re all about your children, their development, and of course, your nannies.

We have designed a kid’s play workshop that includes a number of games and activities that incorporate each of the important sensory milestones. Each activity taught aims to help your child develop cognitively, linguistically, socially and emotionally, physically and creatively. An emphasis is given to fun outdoor activities and the need for children to spend more time in nature.

Developing children’s senses outdoors not only benefits their health by improving their immune system but it benefits the health of Mother Nature, teaching children the importance of looking after the environment.

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