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Everyday Stresses.

A child’s mind experiences brand new things every day. While exciting, this can also be stressful. As a parent, providing security through routine and familiarity can lessen this stress and boost your child’s self-confidence and overall early childhood development.

At a very young age, a gentle routine can be implemented. As the child approaches 5 weeks, a night-time routine can include a warm bath, feeding and soft lighting before putting the baby to sleep.

If your infant does not sleep or wakes up quickly afterwards, don’t worry, it’s normal and part of creating a routine. By feeding and dimming the lights you are allowing your baby’s sleeping patterns to develop.

How does routine benefit you child?

Routines enhance a child’s development.

By adhering to a routine, your child gains the understanding that there are structured rules to the world. This acts on child behaviour because they start to develop an understanding of concepts such as nap time or dinner time.

Every new parent wants to know how to get a baby to sleep. The answer: There is no way to normalise new-born baby sleep.

However, by starting early with a basic routine, you encourage your child to develop positive sleeping patterns. In time this will develop into normal sleeping habits.

Having a nanny or child carer who knows about implementing routine will help your child develop. It will provide structure at times when you are unable to be there yourself to provide it.

What happens next?

At 8 months old, a new stage of development begins where infants realise there are people, places and things beyond what they can see.

When children feel like their surroundings are safe and familiar, they are in a position where they feel comfortable to face the anxieties of their new experiences.

When your child starts preschool, experts say concrete structured routines such as set nap times and bedtimes, set lunch times and getting dressed for bed or school will benefit your child’s development. This is because routines help them feel independent and secure, they know what time it is now and what is coming soon after.

This is a very important stage for a routine to be implemented in terms of behaviour. Parents should work hand in hand with their nanny or child carer to provide a wholesome structured upbringing during this important stage in their child’s life.

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Additionally, our course includes sections on First-Aid, Nutrition and Hygiene and Stimulation through massage, play and fun.

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