I’m sneaking this in there – can HIGHLY recommend the cooking courses.  What a treat to come home to simple but super tasty home cooked meals! Ate a delicious cottage pie last night in fact.

Kate, Family Cooking Lesson

Patience has been doing really well. So far she has practiced the chicken pie and the chicken casserole.

I told her on Wednesday morning that she could cook the casserole during the morning as I was going to be around to help her with the stove and oven if necessary.

I was so chuffed when I got back from the school run to find it bubbling away in the oven and the whole kitchen smelt amazing!

Kirsten, Family Cooking Lesson

Thanks so much for Lucy’s cooking courses, she absolutely love them and can’t wait to cook for us on a more regular basis.

Claire, Family Cooking Lesson

Both my nannies loved the course and assured me they learnt lots despite having their own children. They both very proudly presented me with their certificates. Many thanks for your efforts and the wonderful work you do empowering our nannies!

Micha, Kids Play Workshop

Hi Kim

I just wanted to say a big thank you. Silence completed her course last week and was so excited to show me her certificates. We framed them so that she can display them and be proud of what she has achieved.

This course has certainly empowered her and I could see week by week how she was incorporating what she learnt with Noah.

I am returning to work in a months’ time and although I will miss my son, I do feel more confident that Noah will be well cared for. We are very blessed that we found Silence and am happy that I could help her achieve something.

It really is a win-win for all of us and she is fast becoming a member of our family.

Once again thank you.

Shelley, Nanny Training Course

What a treat to come home to a house smelling so enticing, and to a delicious meal for supper! Looking forward to sampling more of the dishes tonight, and to what comes next week.

Dani, Family Cooking Lesson

Thanks she really enjoyed the course and so far the meals have been delicious. She was excited to show me how she had frozen the herbs etc haha

Claire, Family Cooking Lesson

Your training was excellent, was VERY impressed!
Thanks a mill & have a wonderful festive season xx

Nicole, Nanny Training Course

Thank you for coming to teach Portia and I the cooking lessons a few weeks ago. It was so lovely to have somebody take time to show us step for step how to make a meal (actually 9 different ones!).

Thank you for also answering all our questions and for giving us lots of other tips as well.

Naschenka, Family Cooking Lesson
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